Cyril Roussillon
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Object tracking

I integrated the Kanade-Lucas Tracker (KLT) into our Jafar framework, and added a higher level processing to track solid 2D complex objects (with management of translation, rotation in plane, and change of scale).

Automatic Camera Calibration

I improved the camera calibration procedure in our Genom framework to use OpenCV 1.1 and 3rd order calibration parameter, as well as some User Interface enhancement. The goal is to automatically calibrate a camera by moving a rig in front of the camera.

Omni camera SLAM

I restored omnidirectional SLAM in our Jafar framework, and added a loop closure ability with points.

Real-time SLAM

I am one of the main developpers of RT-SLAM, a modular real-time SLAM implementation.

Localization architecture for robots

Large scale multirobot SLAM

This is my main PhD topic, more details to come.